• Our modern world has transformed the way we do business. The effects of technology and the internet aren’t limited to the world of global finance or ecommerce; they’re felt everywhere, including in the most intimate local business spaces. If you run a business, ignoring the internet could mean your peril.  Your business You work hard… [Continue Reading]

    Your Business, Your Customers, and the Internet
  • If you’re looking for a rewarding career with great upward mobility, starting as a call center agent is a great path to set your sights on. The call center industry has a great outlook, and more and more businesses are promoting customer service roles from within, since knowledge of a brand’s strengths and philosophies are… [Continue Reading]

    Top Qualities of a Successful Call Center Agent
  • You might not like the idea of taking a gap year because it seems like you didn’t make it into any university. You have to pause your college plans for a year, and it looks embarrassing. The truth is that taking a gap year isn’t necessarily shameful. You might not be in school for a… [Continue Reading]

    There’s No Shame if You Take a Gap Year