• According to statistics, young people are very interested in leading businesses. In Workplace Trends’ Millennial Leadership Survey, 91% of the 412 millennials interviewed said that they had a desire to lead. 43% said that they believe that leadership is about “empowering others” in order to succeed in the workplace and 63% even said that they would be… [Continue Reading]

    What Skills Do Future Business Leaders Need to Know
  • We all want to be bosses someday. Becoming one is not only prestigious, but also deemed one of the greatest achievement in life. But, before you drown in the thought of it, here is a quick question. How should a good boss behave? Some employees think the one who frequently invites them for lunch over… [Continue Reading]

    6 Powerful Traits of a Good Boss
  •   Running a business is a fulfilling and rewarding job. It will allow you to prosper beyond your imagination and help you become increasingly financially independent. That’s why you should always aspire to make your business a success. For this to happen, your business, whether a start-up venture or a longstanding company, should be managed… [Continue Reading]

    How Can a Bookkeeper Change Your Business