• Almost all of the signed, dated and witnessed Last Will and Testament documents presented to the court make it through the probate process without any issues. Courts always prefer to stick to the Last Will and Testament of a deceased person as written. Only in rare cases is it willing to deviate from the prescribed… [Continue Reading]

    Something’s Not Right: The Legal Grounds for Contesting a Will
  • When people feel appreciated, they tend to do more. This especially holds true in the workplace. Happy employees will create a better, more productive workplace. In fact, research reveals that happiness boosts productivity in the workplace by 12-20%! Boost morale in your business by coming up with amazing employees incentives ideas.  10 Awesome Employees Incentives Ideas… [Continue Reading]

    Reward The Best: 10 Best Employees Incentives Ideas
  • As a business owner, there is a good chance you have come to understand just how important your employees are to your company. Having skilled, trained, experienced staff that reflect the company’s goals in a positive way will help drive the business forward, allowing it to grow and be profitable. Finding those key employees can… [Continue Reading]

    Looking to Keep Your Employees Happy and Satisfied – Create a Work Environment that Is Healthy for Them