• Whether you’re a long-established firm, or a new business, waste management is always a challenge. Wastage, as in what the company throws away can accumulate the cost of up to 4.5% of their turnover according to CIPS and even in worse scenarios, 10% of its gross profits. These costs can impact many businesses, if they’re… [Continue Reading]

    How Can Companies Implement an Effective Waste Management Plan
  • Let me start by telling you that this is not one of those articles which promote Paleo, Chrono, Low-Carb, Atkins, Vegan or any other diet. I believe that any diet which forces its followers to preoccupy themselves with what they eat, how much they eat, and when they eat is flawed in its essence. This… [Continue Reading]

    Two Very Easy Tips for Losing Weight (Over Time)
  • Since cloud solutions became the norm for many businesses, other enterprises that have not yet converted to this new platform often assess the benefits of migration. One of the main features of cloud storage is that you can have the vendor custom-develop the level of service you are looking for to meet the needs of… [Continue Reading]

    Why is Scalability an Important Feature of Cloud Services?